I’m an Aussie book lover and have been writing reviews mostly on Goodreads, and thought it would be fun to start a blog and post my reviews on here as well.

I love to read and generally read books fairly quickly, especially if I’m hooked on the book and can’t put it down.

I read a whole range of genres and am always willing to try something new. My fave genres are generally crime, romance, new adult, dystopian/fantasy.

I try to review a fair amount of ARC books from NetGalley and some PR teams I’m signed up to, however I will also be reviewing books that I have just wanted to read for ages or have recently found out about. Alot of these probably will have been out for a while, but I like to read a whole range of things, so they won’t all be brand new books coming out.

Other than reading I enjoy photography and camping and travelling around both my own beautiful country and others around the world.

Below are a couple of the images I have produced, both taken when I was on holiday in Western Australia. Search Chambers Creations Photography on Facebook or Instagram if you’d like to follow my photography posts.




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