Review: Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren

beautiful broken rules cover

5 Stars!

Em has three rules:

  1. Never sleep with someone a friend has feelings for
  2. Never sleep with someone in a known relationship
  3. Never sleep with somene more than three times

Needless to say by the end of chapter one I was very intrigued!

As soon as we meet the main male lead character, Jaxon Riley, and learn he rides a motorbike, my mind immediately drifts to Jax from Sons of Anarchy –

jax teller

When in reality this Jax is actually a football player and intern at a radio station who is studying journalism. I know, I know, the description in the books doesn’t even match that of Jax Teller – but hey – who can blame a girl for thinking of him as soon as they hear of guy called Jax who rides a motorbike?! 😉

By the end of chapter two, I was like, oh man, Jaxon is gonna make me swoon and giggle like an idiot in this book, I can feel it.

Then we meet Jace – oh man this scene was hilarious. I loved it. Loved Jace as a character as well, he sure has that Riley boy charm!

33% into the book and I’m all like *goddamn hot, truck driving, football playing, country boys – swooooonnnn!*

36% – here comes the complicated – oh the feels!

44% – Audrey – uh-oh this is gonna be trouble for sure. You know when a particular character gets introduced in a novel and you just know shit is gonna go down? Yeah thats this moment.

46% – HOLY SHIT!!!

shocked_joey_friends (gif).gif

Then of course by about 50% (thank god that didn’t drag on for too long) we have the air cleared between Em and Jax and the truth about what Audrey said, but yeah, you still know this is gonna be frustrating.

By the time I got to 74% of the book I was waiting for the inevitable trouble that always comes in a book like this – is this it?

From 77% through to the end of the book – man the feels!!!!

this is too much gif.gif

What a rollercoaster ride during this last part of the book – Jaxon is being all confusing and Em is trying move on, and ultimately they’re both just miserable. Of course once they finally talk and slip back into their old ways I’m wondering if that was just too easy – was the forgiveness given too easily? Maybe I’m a skeptic, I don’t know – but I wasn’t sure if there should have been a bit more going on here.

And yes the epilogue – oh mannnnn that was amazing, and especially awesome to get to read it from Jaxon’s point of view.

I give this book 5 stars because it was just so damned awesome. I couldn’t put it down. Overall I liked Em as a character and I could understand her reasons for being the way she was, even if it seems a little unusual to most people. It made sense to her, and the way she explains it makes sense to the reader.

Jaxon was a great male lead and so damn swoon worthy. Sexy, charming, protective, rugged – I could go on. Jace, Cole and Quinn were fantastic secondary characters and helped make the book exactly what it was, fantastic. It really helps when you have strong secondary characters like these guys.

A fun, sexy and emotional read – I definitely recommend this one!



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