Review: Confused by Wanda Wiltshire 

*4.5 Stars*

ARC kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Confused is the third book in the Betrothed series by Wanda Wiltshire. It continues the story of Marla and Leif (and friends etc) and the kingdom of Faera and all that goes with being a faery, being betheothed to the prince and so on.

Don’t read this one unless you have read the first two or you will find it hard to follow the story as the previous books happenings are referenced throughout.

Warning: Some slight spoilers ahead – read at your own risk. (It was hard for me to review this without explaining my thoughts properly and in the process revealing slight things that happen in the book – I have tried to keep it to a minimum though so it doesn’t ruin it for anyone – I hope it’s not too choppy).

Once I settled into the book and started to remember what had previously happened I was all good.

The prologue set a thought in the back of my mind that stayed there throughout the book and made me question specific things that were happening.

It made me pretty sure that what Marla was seeing with Leif wasn’t actually happening, that it wasn’t real.

I immediately thought that her haste to leave Faera was a bit rushed and she needed to speak to Leif properly and discuss her worries and what she thought she had seen.

I also think that Marla is quite unfair to Jack when she keeps bouncing back and forth between he and Leif, especially when she knows Jacks feelings for her.

When Marla is back home on earth we get to see Lysander again, along with her parents and sister Ashleigh. Lysander wants to come to Faera earlier than originally planned, and when he does so and meets King Aren it seems that there are a lot of rules he will have to deal with. At the same time though King Aren seems quite nice and very welcoming.

Of course when Marla goes back to earth after Lysander has settled in, I figured that Leif would come and get her and bring her back. I became curious about the reason Ashleigh’s feelings were so strong at this point for Lysander as well. Maybe it’s just typical teenage over-reaction for her though.

Since Marla is back in Faera after Leif brought her back, the discovery she makes about her Mum was quite an interesting one. Of course you know Marla won’t just leave it at that either haha.

Introducing the Dark Fae and their part of the world in Faera – a new interesting concept to learn about.

Lysander and Marlas little exploration trip after this is obviously quite dangerous. Baen is certainly an interesting character, especially for a Dark Faery, and I wonder if we will see more of him in the future.

Everything that happens here is quite intense and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone so I won’t say what happens. I did wonder if it was a little too easy though when they left the Dark King.

Once they’re back in Faera and the celebrations are happening (for what I won’t say) the announcement made which involves Leif and Haigen wasn’t a shock to me at all. Neither was the realisation Marla comes to about what she has been seeing.

Things then have another extremely intense turn here and I refuse to accept what happened with Hilary. It’s just not right! But hey, a good book isn’t a good book without shock factor right.

I don’t believe that this will be the end of certain things with Leif and Marla and their relationship and I’m also very curious to see what happens about the dark magic.

Confused is full of twists and turns and also lots of new things. I sped through it in about 24 hours (with a work day included there) and am eager for the continuation.

Now, when’s book four coming out!?

Book four will be called Telophy and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Confused has left lots of questions for me and I really want to see how things pan out.

I definitely recommend this if you’re a fan of the Betrothed series already. If not, go and grab book one!


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