Review: Sacked, by Jen Frederick


*5 Sacked by Love Stars!*

Where to start? This book was amazing!

We get alternating perspectives in this book which is something I always love in a book like this.

Eliot “Ellie” Campbell meets the star of the football team, Knox Masters when she sneaks into the open stadium early one morning and he’s there working out. They chat for a while and both seem to be cagey with each other yet they both seem to realise they’re also very drawn to each other. Ellie of course has her reservations because of certain evens in her past, and she doesn’t want to get involved with a football player again. Her brother Jack, is on Knox’s team though, so you know it’s inevitable they’re going to be seeing alot of each other.

As I was reading Chapter One, I was just like, geez Knox, insta-love much? It seemed a bit too unreal to me that he was thinking how he was so in love so soon. Chapter 2 is the first Ellie Chapter, and my immediate thoughts were of how much I already hate her parents. They basically don’t care about her at all.

The book progresses with them bumping into each other, the first meeting being when Jack invites Ellie to have dinner with the team on one of her first nights there. Knox is very enamoured with Ellie and doesn’t really make a secret of the fact he wants to get to know her.

“You can run Eliot Campbell, but this campus is too small for your to hide”

Cue me grinning like an idiot at my kindle – oh boy, oh boy, oh boy this is gonna be good!

caroline gif.gif

When Knox has the conversation with his brother Ty about this “test” I was thinking “Hmm…a test aye? What is this test?” Intrigued for sure at that one. It was good to see that Knox also has a very good relationship with his twin.

The cockiness that Knox possesses that Ellie is “the one”, especially when he barely knows her, definitely comes across as weird. I mean seriously, they just met. Insta-love at its best right.

I also began thinking that I knew what the test was he and Ty had spoken about. And then we get hit with the first sexually charged scene between Know and Ellie. Man, that bathroom scene! Dripping with hotness and they don’t even touch in it!!

oh yeah gif.gif

The fact that we have recently learnt that Knox is a virgin – yep you heard me right, the sexy football star is a virgin!, makes you wonder how in the hell thats even possible. And you understand how it draws Ellie in as well. I really started to like Riley as a room-mate as well, you can tell she’s going to be a good friend to Ellie and she’s got good character too.

Also, footballers using Harry Potter references! Oh good lord! This is the best!

everyday im dumblin.gif

As I keep reading I definitely come to the conclusion, that holy hell! This book is hot!!! Knox is so damned sweet and charming, not to mention he’s sexy as hell.

Since we know about Ellie’s little secret, I understand Ellie and what she did and why. Her parents but? Assholes. Don’t even go there.

Once I hit 69% in the book, I was like “Shit, is there where it’s all going to come crashing down? Is this it for Ellie and Knox and their relationship, and Ellie’s good relationship with her brother?”

spongebob nail biting.gif

At 82% I’m just like “HOLY SHIT – pretty sure I know what Knox’s idea is” Ohhhhhhh man!

85% – “YES!” Totally cheering because I was right. Oh Knox! Cue swooning.

be still my heart.gif

The end of this book is really great and I love Knox so much as a character. I found the ending to kind of be a cliff hanger, so i’ll be interested to see how much of Knox and Ellie we see in the rest of the series. Ty seems a bit of an insecure character and I’d really like to read a book about him. A book about Jack would be great as well.

If you’ve been contemplating reading this book, do it! IT WAS AMAZING! Love, love, loved it!


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