Review: Roomhate by Penelope Ward


*4.5 Stars!*

Roomhate is the story of Justin and Amelia, childhood friends who haven’t been friends at all since Amelia left for an unknown reason when she was 15. At first all we know is that there’s a reason she went running and that she regrets it after all these years, nearly a decade later.

Amelia’s Nana has passed away, and she was basically a second mother to Justin. She’s left her beach house to both of them equally. A 50/50 share in a house with a person who you haven’t seen in an extremely long time and who pretty much hates you. Fun, right?! I had ideas right away about why Nana left the house to them both, and if there was more to it, so of course that had me intrigued.

Amelia goes to spend the summer in the house and eventually Justin rocks up…with his girlfriend Jade in tow. I wanted to hate Jade, but she was so damned nice. We start getting flashbacks from Amelia to her past with Justin and how their friendship was, they were best friends after all, and these really start to give some insight and explain things. I definitely wanted to know what the secret was that sent Amelia running and it was also pretty obvious that way back then they both had feelings for each other and were both oblivious to how the other felt.

Of course at the beginning of the book, Justin is a complete asshole to Amelia, but as the reader you realise this is probably just an act. At 19% I began to wonder if this was the bit it was going to stop and things between them would start becoming civil and they’d form some sort of friendship again.

And then…….HERE COMES THE SECRET!! Finally! I was so keen to find out what it was. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting but I understood both their points of view about what had happened. This is where we really start to see them both open up to each other as well.

“We both came from broken homes, but from the moment I met you, my world seemed a little less broken”.

And finally, there we have it. Justin and Amelia admit to each other that they had feelings for each other back in the day. Oh man, the feels right here.

I loved seeing Justins possessive/jealous side. He was hilarious before Amelias date with Dr Danger. As we get to 41% – more feels. This book is becoming full of them!

42% and a bombshell hits. Holy Shiiitteeee!

shocked_joey_friends (gif)

As the books progresses, oh man, swooning over Justin with Bea (I’m not going to spoil who Bea is, for those who haven’t read it yet)

62% and I’m just like, Justin, you play dirty….

damon salvatore.gif

The last half of the book – let me just say – SO MANY EMOTIONS!! What a rollercoaster, holy hell. Amazing.

this is too much gif

The ending of this book was perfect. So damned good. I loved this one and highly recommend it!


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