Review: After the Rain by Mary J Williams

after the rain book cover.jpg

*4 Stars*

ARC kindly received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Logan Price was a rising star in the NFL when his career was over before it really began, due to an injury to his knee.

Now, years later, his QB, Gaige, comes back into Logan’s life, where he’s running his Dads bar back in his home town. Bringing with him, Claire Thornton.

Gaige has proposal for Logan – he’s playing his last year with the Knights and he wants Logan there in the team with him when they win. Logan is hesitant to try and make a come-back in his career because the last time he tried, it failed. Claire has come along to help train Logan and get him back into shape so he can try out for the team and make his come-back. The plan? For her to explained around town as an old girlfriend of Logans who he has reconnected with. This way things will be on the down-low and no-one will be aware that Logan is back training.

There’s instant attraction between Logan and Claire and they slide into a relationship pretty easily. Things stay on track professionally though, and Claire certainly puts him through his paces in terms of training and staying on top of his game.

Rhonda is one of the girls who works at Logans bar, and she’s a great secondary character in the book and becomes one of Claires good friends.

Refer is another character we meet, and he has basically had beef with Logan since high school – pretty much always being jealous of Logan for having a better life than him, and being better at football than he was.

Things take an interesting turn when Rafer learns Logan is going to try and make a come-back.

Claire seems to have a bit of trouble opening her heart to Logan but they have a great relationship and understand each other, so luckily this doesn’t cause any issues.

I won’t ruin things by saying what happens at the end, but the ending of the book is well done and I will be interested in reading the next in the series.



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