Review: Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles

As is typical of Simone Elkeles books, I was hooked by this one right from the start.

Derek was an interesting character, fun, cocky, sexy but deep down you could tell he was a decent guy just hiding his emotions and hiding from the tragedy in his past.

Ashtyn was a great character as well, although I think I preferred Derek. She had her own battles she was fighting and she sure as hell is one tough girl.

Derek and Ashtyn meet because Ashtyns sister Brandi is married to Derek’s father, and because he’s deployed with the Navy when Derek gets expelled from school, he has no choice but to move with her back to her home town on Chicago.

Of course Derek and Ashtyn are butting heads straight away and we’re watching to see how it will all unfold. She’s the captain of her schools football team, so she’s a strong and determined one right from the start. And the perfect counterpart to Dereks character.

Brandi was a good secondary character, along with her son Julian and the guys on Ashton’s team. Dereks grandmother is a fantastic one too once she comes into it. Fiesty is one word that comes to mind there.

I won’t spoil it by saying what happens in this one, but it’s a fantastic books and I highly recommend it! Once again Simone Elkeles had me hooked from the start.


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