Review: One Tiny Lie by K A Tucker

5 Stars!

Whoa. This book was amazing. I sped through it in about 24 hours. I wasn’t too sure if I’d enjoy this series as much as the Burying Water series, but this book has definitely changed my mind.

I loved this one and I definitely enjoyed it way more than the first book, Ten Tiny Breaths.

We met Olivia Cleary in that first book, as she was the main characters sister. Olivia is so much like Kacey yet so different and I loved learning about her and reading her story.

From the moment she meets Ashton we can tell this is gonna be one interesting story.

Both of them have their own battles to fight with their pasts, some more obvious than others, but it’s great watching them grow and come to terms with things.

Discovering each other as they go is great to. While I don’t agree with some of the things in this book, like the situation with Olivia and Connor, I wasn’t disgusted reading it, because I understood things from Livies POV.

Reagan, Grant and Ty were gray secondary characters, particularly Reagan, as she’s a fiery and wild little thing but a great friend to Livie as well.

It was also great to see Kacey and Trent and Storm, Dave, Mia and of course Dr Stayner back in this book too. Dr Stayner particularly is a great character.

This one didn’t have as much angst and heartache for me as some books, but it still left you a bit emotional and feeling everything all the same. It was written brilliantly and I didn’t want to put it down.

I definitely recommend this one, it’s a fantastic read!


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