Review: Cocky Bastard by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

cocky bastard cover.jpg

*4.5 – 5 Cocky Stars*

Copy received from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

Chance Bateman and Audrey Bloom meet at a roadhouse when they’re both on their respective ways to California. Chances motorbike won’t start and he convinces Audrey to let him ride along with her to her destination if he changes her tyre, which had just gone flat while she was in the shop.

Chance is immediately the kind of character that you like. In this story, he’s a US born Aussie. He moved to Aus when he was 5 yrs old and has only recently moved back to the US. His accent is a big part of what initially draws Audrey to him. The way the authors describe his accent is pretty spot on as well. Especially when its shown how he pronounces the word ‘humour’. I was laughing at that the first time I read it – spot on mate! Being an Aussie myself, when I head overseas I always notice how much our accent sticks out and the fact that its accurately represented in this book was awesome.

Chance is cocky in a good way – he’s funny and sexy and hot damn, he’s got an amazing body as well.

Of course, since he’s all of a sudden travelling with Audrey, some kind of friendship/relationship is going to form between. Watching this play out is awesome and I was always finding myself laughing at various parts along the way. I loved how Chance would deliberately try and rile Audrey up, he was teasing her and it was hilarious. His sense of humour was great.

The first half of the book is told from Audrey’s POV and the second half is from Chance’s. This is pretty cool how the authors wrote it this way, and it really helps us understand both characters in my opinion.

They way that Chance leaves things, and how he hurts Aubrey is a bit of a shock, but once we switch over to his POV and get the full story, it makes a hell of a lot of sense, and you’re not angry with him anymore. At least I wasn’t anyways. It was a legitimate reason, not just some bullshit story that other guys would try and weave together.

I was definitely cheering for Chance during this book, although I will admit that I do understand Audrey’s hesitation and feelings when he comes back into her life trying to explain things.

She does make him work extremely hard to show her he’s for real though, and I think after him acting the way he does and having explained what happened, she made him work a bit too hard and led him on for a bit too long. It all adds to the story of course, but I was frustrated for Chance. I just wanted things to work out for him.

Chance is the kind of character that you just fall in love with. He was fantastic. Sexy, romantic, funny, a hard worker, he proves himself easily and goes to the effort to do so, he fights for what he wants. Just awesome.

The ending was really great in this book as well, I loved it and I think things were tied up nicely, with no questions left unanswered.

A great book by this writing duo, and I can’t wait to read more collaborations by them. And also their singular books as well.

Don’t look past this one – it has its parts of angst yes, but overall its a fun and light-hearted read that you won’t regret!


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