Review: Crash into You by Katie McGarry

crash into you cover.jpg

*4 Stars*

Crash into You is the story of Isaiah and Rachel. We’ve previously met Isaiah in the first two books in this series, and until now, I wasn’t too sure if I liked him or not.

He was the best part about this book though. We get to see the real Isaiah and understand why he is the way he is, and learn more about his life than what we learnt in the the previous two books.

Rachel is a great character too, but she was a little whiny to me. She thinks everyone sees her as weak, and she really does come across that way. She doesn’t stand up for herself properly and hides behind things.

Isaiah and Rachel meet by chance at a drag race and things spiral out of control from there. In deep with Eric and the debt they owe, everything is focussed on saving their asses and getting away from him.

Other things are unravelling around them, but the essential part of the story is to clear themselves of Eric. Abby is a great secondary character in this book, I really liked her and it was great to see Noah and Echo back again as well. And yes, even Beth makes an appearance.

I shifted between liking and disliking Rachels brothers and I would’ve been really interested to read a book about Ethan, but it seems the next book is actually about West, one of Rachels other brothers.

When things all really come to a head in this one, it totally wasn’t what I expected. McGarry threw a curve ball there. The book does have a good ending though and I still loved Isaiah by the end as well.

I strongly dislike Rachels parents and the way they treated her, and even by the end of the book that doesn’t really change for me. I do like the way Isaiah’s relationship progresses with his Mum and his social worker. All around I just think that he was the stronger character, and really, he’s the one that made the book for me.

Another great instalment in this series, and I am keen to read the next one. McGarry does it again.


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