Review: Take Me On by Katie McGarry

take me on


*5 Stars*

I’ve really loved this series. This book was amazing. McGarry does it again.

We previously met West Young in Crash into You, and to be honest, I really didn’t like him.  This book totally changed my opinion of him.

West nearly runs Haley over with his car when when she’s on her way home to get her Dad’s medication to him – she then gets jumped by her ex boyfriends brother. West tries to stand up for her and fight him and so begins their story.

Haley Williams come from a family thats really struggling with life after her Dad was laid off at the factory he worked at. She herself, along with her brother and cousin are also MMA fighters and they all live with her cousin Jax and his a-hole of a father, Haleys uncle.

Haley has previously given up fighting though (for reasons which I won’t divulge), yet because of West trying to protect her, and the fact that it was her ex’s brother – he ends up  agreeing to a fight in the cage.

Haley is now drawn back into this world and ends up training West. Meanwhile, West has been kicked out of home by his shit head of a father and is living in his car and working at  a local bar.

Abby is a frequent secondary character in this book and I still really like her unusual ways. She’s the only really consistent character in this one from the previous books and I’m really really keen to read her story in the next book.

Now of course, West and Haley inevitably fall for each other, and with all the struggles of Haleys family, West and his family issues and Haleys crazy ex boyfriend, we’re treated to one hell of a ride.

West is so damned charming and sweet in this book and for me he was the main highlight and main character of the novel. You see a totally different side to him and understand his thoughts and actions a hell of a lot more that just seeing the cocky asshole we saw previously.

He and Haley work really well together and I loved watching this one play out. There’s a few surprises along the way and a hell of a lot of heart.

I highly recommend this is you’re a Katie McGarry fan and if not, you need to jump on the bandwagon!


2 thoughts on “Review: Take Me On by Katie McGarry

  1. Gah! I’ve been waiting to pick up this one for a week or so now. I was right in the middle of Lady Midnight when it arrived in the mail, but this is next on my list! I can’t wait to read more about Razor and knowing that Abby appears in it makes me all the more excited! Did you get a chance to read her story, Chasing Impossible? It wasn’t NEARLY as long as it needed to be, but I still loved it.

    Great review and lovely blog! Followed via Twitter!

    Brittany @


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