Review: Stuck Up Suit by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

*5 Stars*

Let me start by saying that if you haven’t yet read a book by Vi Keeland and/or Penelope Ward – you need to jump on that right now! Seriously!

This book was damned fantastic! I read it in one sitting over a few hours. Having read Cocky Bastard not too long ago, I was really keen to pick this up and read another witty, charming, sexy and fun read by this great writing duo.

Needless to say, I was NOT disappointed. These two know how to write a great novel.

Soraya is on the train to work one day when she observes one of those guys – you know the type – the ones who are so ridiculously good looking and know it, who could have any girl they want, not to mention oozing power, wealth and confidence? Yeah, a Stuck-Up Suit.

Well, she spots one on the train this particular morning and after watching him get off at his stop and then preparing to get off at hers, she realises he dropped his phone on the way off the train.

Once she returns it to him (in quite a funny way), so starts the story of their interaction.

Graham Morgan is not just sex on legs, he’s a softie deep down. But discovering this is half the fun. He’s also smart and funny and a damned good match for Soraya. She’s a firecracker all on her own. The two of them together makes for some hilarious and witty banter.

Of course the story has its up and downs and some shocks along the way. It wouldn’t be a good story without them. But this is written in just the right way. I connected with the characters and felt what they were feeling. I laughed with them. I wanted to cry with them. I just had to know what was going to happen next.

I loved this book so much and I highly recommend it to fans of Vi and Penelope. And as I said, if you haven’t read anything of theirs yet, jump on that right now!


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