Review: Dirty by Kylie Scott


*3.5 Sometimes Crazy Works, Stars*

I was so keen for this one after discovering Kylie Scott’s previous series about the Stage Dive guys. I think I hyped this one up too much for myself, I’m not sure. Maybe I didn’t and it just lacked what I was hoping for in this one. Mal is my favourite character from the Stage Dive series and I honestly don’t know if she can write another character that I’ll love just as much. Anyways, lets give this review a try:

The book certainly starts off in the most intriguing way – runaway bride after finding out that horrible secret about her fiancé. On the day of her wedding. Then what she does after that which in turn leads her to meet Vaughan. Christ that was funny.

Not long after that we meet Nell, Vaughan’s sister, and I immediately find myself thinking that she’s a character I’m going to really like. I wasn’t wrong. She was a cracker. Straight and to the point. Loved her.

With money and career troubles on the cards for both Lydia and Vaughan, this was another aspect I was thinking would make things more interesting. Especially with Lydia being the talk of the town after what happened on her failed wedding day.

I read this one pretty quickly, but it didn’t have the quirk for me that I came to expect from Scott’s other books. But then again, I think Mal ruined me there. There was a lot of inner dialogue in this one, and I think I would have enjoyed it more if it was more spoken dialogue. At times I felt like Vaughan didn’t say enough. Lydia’s inner thoughts did crack me up quite a lot though. She’s quite the hilarious character especially when it comes to her inner thoughts.

Also, without ruining it – keep your eyes peeled for a favourite Stage Dive character to appear at some point. This was one of the highlights of the book for me actually, even though it doesn’t last for that long. I won’t tell you how it comes about but once you get a little into the book and learn a little bit about Vaughan you’ll see how this is something that is easily a possibility.

I know this kind of sounds like I didn’t like this one – so please don’t get me wrong – I did enjoy it – just not as much as some of Scott’s other books. And thats ok, we all enjoy different things. Definitely give this one a go if you love her other books, its funny and witty and will crack you up just like you hope for.

I’m still keen to continue this series as well, there are definitely some interesting characters that I want to learn more about and see how things pan out for them as well.


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