Review: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes


*5 Stars!*

Ok, whoa. That was INTENSE!

Me Before You is the story of Lou and Will. Its unlike any other story I’ve read in a way.

Lou is a middle class young woman who finds herself out of a job when her boss up and moves back to Australia. She has to then go to the job centre and start looking for a new job. Having worked for the last few years in the cafe, she really doesn’t have any qualifications for anything, and it seems she’s having no luck what-so-ever in finding a new job.

She then gets asked about trying a carers role for a quadriplegic. Of course she immediately assumes the this is an old person and its going to involve bum wiping and all such things. Her job centre case-worker assures her that it isn’t and basically makes her go, as she has to try and get something.

At the interview she learns she’s actually going to be looking after a 36 year old man, Will Traynor. Surprisingly, she gets the job, and then finds herself immersed ninth daily life of a quadriplegic man, who quite frankly is an ass.

Without ruining anything, the story continues, Lou finds out various secrets, and also discovers things about herself and her life and how she’s living it. I for one, really don’t like her boyfriend Patrick. There’s a lot going on in this book, with relationship issues and family issues, but the main focus is Will and trying to help him live the best life he can wit his condition.

As Lou gets to know him and discovers the real Will underneath the initial asshole exterior she was given, she becomes really good friends with him, and the reader also finds themselves falling for this bossy and cheeky guy.

I won’t go into much else about the storyline, this is a book that needs to be experienced in itself. This is a story about life, love, tragedy and  range of other things as well.

By the end of this book I was so emotionally invested that I was a mess. I loved this story, and I was feeling ALL OF THE EMOTIONS by the end.

This was basically me:

this is too much gif


This book is ABSOLUTELY a must read. I loved it so much, and I will read the next one.


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