Review: Up in Flames by Abbi Glines


*4 Stars*

Well, we finally got Nans book. Lets face it, pretty much everybody hates Nan throughout the Rosemary Beach series. She’s the bitch that everyone just wants to slap upside the head and knock some sense into. Alot of people probably won’t read this book because of that, but if you’re a fan of Abbi and the Rosemary Beach series, I do recommend getting this one.

Abbi has given us a glimpse into Nan, and shown us her personal thoughts and feelings as she does with all the characters throughout the series.

I feel like I was expecting a bit more from this book, but maybe thats because I did see a lot of hype about it before hand. I certainly didn’t expect some of the things that happened in it, and towards the end there are quite a few surprises.

I really liked how we got to see Rush and Blaire in this one, and of course gorgeous little Nate. We really see Nan in a different light in some parts of this book, particularly the scenes with Rush and his family.

Cope was an interesting one in this book, and I wasn’t quite sure if I liked him or not. And Major just annoyed me.

This isn’t one of my favourite books in this series, but its typical Abbi and typical Nan, with plenty of her smart comments to laugh at.

Even if you’re a Nan-Hater, give this one a go, its worth the read!


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