Review: Harry Potter & the Cursed Child by JK Rowling

HP Cursed Child.jpg

*3.5 – 4 Stars*

Ok. Well. Where to start? I didn’t really know what to expect with this one, with it being an actual script rather than a novel like the original HP series.

It doesn’t really take away from it being written that way, but it does take a page or two to get used to it.

As promised, the story beings 19 years later with Harry and Ginny’s (and of course Ron & Hermione’s and Draco’s) kids all getting on the Hogwarts Express

I won’t say anything else plot wise because having only been released this morning alot of people won’t have read this yet or even started it yet.

There was a hell of a lot going on in this book, and because it’s a script it’s not really written from anyone’s specific POV. Sometimes I felt like it jumped around a lot, but then again at the same time it didn’t.

I guess the ultimate question is whether this book allows us to reconnect with the Wizarding World that Rowling created all those years ago. In short, the answer is yes.

I don’t believe this was as great as the original series, but I devoured it in only a few hours and I did feel some of the emotions as I was reading the book. Some of the revelations were also “oh my god” moments.

I couldn’t help but feel as I was reading this though, that I was reading fan fiction. Maybe because the original series ended so long ago and this being set so far in the future, and written the way it was, is slightly disconnecting from when we were constantly getting new Harry books released.

I guess I kind of have mixed feelings about this one. Overall though it’s a fast and easy read and a wonderful glimpse into the Wizarding World 19 years from the end of the original series.

A must read for all Harry fans. You’ll devour it just like I did.


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