Review: Tapping the Billionaire by Max Monroe

tapping the billionaire.jpg

*3.5 – 4 Big-Dicked Brooks Stars Stars*

This book was a fun and quick one to read. The banter between Kline and Georgie was hilarious, I especially loved the Benny scene.

Kline might be rich, but he’s definitely not an asshole. He’s gentlemanly, sweet, sexy, caring. Do these type of guys even exist anymore?

The secondary characters were great additions as well. Thatch, Wes, Cassie, Dean, even Georgie’s parents.

The ending of this one felt slightly rushed, but it was great all the same. This book was just so much fun to read. So many laugh out loud moments. Of course there was the angst and some predictable moments too, but overall its more of a fun book than anything.

I’m very keen for the rest of the series. Would recommend.


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