Review: Challenge by Amy Daws


*5 Stars*

This was my first book by Amy Daws, and it won’t be my last! I loved this one. It was fun, flirty, had some serious issues to do with each of the characters lives, and was just all round an enjoyable read.

I don’t want to give too much away, but the basic plot line as per the blurb, is that the two main characters are Indie; a doctor, and her patient, Camden Harris; one of the top football (soccer for us Aussies) players going around. They have instant chemistry (no this isn’t weird insta-love, this book actually works) and obviously being DR/Patient this presents some issues.

The story unfolds in a really great way and has some really awesome secondary characters in terms of Indies best friend and also Cam’s family.

I breezed through this one and would love to read more about these guys or the secondary characters to continue the series.

Highly recommend, I couldn’t put this down!


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