Review: Giving it All by Christi Barth


*5 Stars*

I love this series. The bond the ACS’s have is an amazing friendship, and they themselves as individuals are all as quirky and loveable as each other.

I really liked learning about Logan in this one, as he has been absent in the other books really. It was cool to get an understanding of him and how he lives his life and why, and also to see him with Brooke. I really loved her character in this one. She’s a strong one that one.

I loved learning about both her and Logan and also of course the appearance of my fave characters (lets be honest all of the other characters so far), from the other books and seeing how things were going for them.

I’m actually quite curious about how things will pan out for our man Griff with Chloe. Thats one of the great things about these books. Even though each focuses on a different friend of the group, they follow on from each other in time, and we get to see the continuing relationships in the background of the other characters.

Can’t wait to read the next one. Highly recommend this series.


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