Review: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty


Wow. This book hooked me right from the start, it’s serious but has so many comical moments and funny quotes that you’re not on a downer when you read it. It’s just the right mix. I loved the main group of friends and the journey through the book was great.

The revelations at the end were definitely not what I was expecting at all. The ending was rounded out perfectly and this was probably the bit where it got the most serious without any humour added in.

It made me feel things. Throughout the book you’re connected to the characters and you feel for them and laugh with them and get annoyed with them, but at the end when everything comes into perspective it’s more serious. The tone of the book changes.

Let me get this straight, the author does not make light of any situations in this book. She just writes about them in just the right way. The way where you have this group of friends and enemies where things are all so ridiculous and laughable, but in the private moments there is more to the story and it makes you think. These things happen to people.

By the end when it all makes sense it makes you feel even more for these characters. There are different levels to the things that happen in this book, but they all happen to real people in the real world.

This can happen to anyone.


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