Review: Summit Lake by Charlie Donlea

Image result for summit lake charlie donlea

*5 Stars* 

Copy kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Whoa. This one had me guessing the entire time. Once I got involved in the story, I started forming my own ideas pretty quickly about who the culprit was. As the book goes back and forth between Becca and Kelsey, these theories kept changing.

The story unravels and pieces together in a really clever way, and by the end I was totally shocked when it was revealed what had actually happened. Secret after secret gets revealed until you’re so close to the truth you think you know whats about to happen, and then BAM totally different outcome to what you had been expecting.

The characters are all written really well in this book as well, and I was definitely getting involved in what was happening and immersed in the story.

This one will keep you guessing, I highly recommend.


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