Review: Dr OB by Max Monroe


*4 Stars*

ARC Kindly received in exchange for an honest review.

So I’m a little slow posting this because I’ve been busy and unfortunately didn’t get to finish Dr OB before the release date, but I have gotten through it and let me tell you it’s well worth the read.

I have previously only read Tapping the Billionaire, and haven’t yet gotten around to the rest of that series (I know, I know, What have I been doing?) – but I’m familiar with the characters from that series since I have at least read book 1, and of course from their little visits in the Camp Love Yourself FB group.

I liked both Will and Melody in this one, particularly when we would get some inner dialogue happening (laugh out loud anyone?). It was great getting to see the characters from the other series, particularly in the parts where they all come together as group. Seriously some hilarious bits there.

I enjoyed the fact that our two main characters are in the medical profession and also really seem to care about their patients and have great bedside manner. Melody’s dream/purpose is also a really touching part of the book.

I will definitely be continuing this series, Max Monroe knows how to write fun and quirky books with some emotion mixed in as well. Definitely enjoyed this one.



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