Review: Arm Candy by Jessica Lemmon


*5 You’ve got yourself a bet Stars* 

ARC kindly received in exchange for an honest review.

Hot damn! I loved this book! I was keen to read it after the first book and then when I found out this one was Davis, oh boy I was excited.

I love Davis so much! I had a bit of a perception of what he would be like and I was totally wrong. I loved him from the start and I loved Gracie as well. In the first book in the series I loved the little snippets we got of their banter, but when you get a whole book about them, oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Lemmon writes these in such a way that the story flows nicely with lots of fun and happy bits, info about the characters pasts and very little angst. I love that the angst isn’t dragged out. I don’t mind when it is, but in these books it works so well the way that is, which is not dragged out.

The ending of the book was perfect as well, I really loved it.

Bring on book 3!


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