Review: Dirty Little Promise by Kendall Ryan


*4 Stars*

I enjoyed this book, the final part of Emma and Gavin’s story, continued on from Dirty Little Secret, however I did feel that the two books could’ve been condensed into one.

I definitely enjoyed seeing the two of them grow as a couple and learning more and more about each character and their world.

Quinn will be intriguing I think when we get his book, and Cooper, well we’ve gotten a glimpse into him and I think his story will be really great too, even if I think his reactions were a bit over the top in this one.

There were come big story lines in this story and while I’m glad they weren’t too angsty, I felt that they were a bit anticlimactic and made the storyline feel a bit dragged out in those parts. I guessed correctly as to the result of one of the bigger things but I felt like we should’ve had a bit more depth about the reasoning behind it.

I enjoyed Emma’s parent’s being in this book – there were some really lovely scenes with them in it, both with and without Gavin as well.

I feel that the depth of the characters at least the main characters, was done quite well and we got to understand a fair amount about them.

I would like to see more of Bethany in future books too, Emma’s best friend. She seemed like a pretty cool character.

I’m interested to see what comes next in this series, with the next book being about Cooper. There are a lot of interesting dynamics and storylines and these books are easy to read really fast and get drawn into the world of the characters.


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